Technician Helps Homeowner With This ‘Alarming’ Problem

Service Champions technician Miguel was walking through the Rowland Heights home with his client. He was taking temperature readings from vents throughout the house and they came to the master bedroom. The door was closed.

“Oh, we shouldn’t go in there – my dog is in there and he’ll jump all over you and bark,” the homeowner said.

Miguel said he was pretty good with dogs and as long the dog doesn’t bite, he assured her it would be no problem. She agreed, and they entered the master bedroom. Being there reminded her of a problem she’d been having.

“Oh, you guys do Good Deeds For Free – right? Maybe you could help me with my alarm clock!” she said.

The homeowner went on to explain that an alarm clock had fallen under her bed and every morning the pre-set alarm went off and she couldn’t shut it off.

“It just goes off until it stops,” she said. She had been trying to reach it with a tool that had a “pincher” on the end, but couldn’t get to it. Moving the bed was not something she could do by herself.

“Well, let me see what I can do,” Miguel said. He was able to locate the clock visually and was able to reach down and pull it out from behind the bed. He even found a bonus item, too.

“What about these glasses – have you been missing these, too?” Miguel asked.

“So, that’s where my reading glasses went,” she said. They had been missing more than a year and she now had a replacement pair but was happy to have them back anyway.

“Thank you so much,” she said. “Now that alarm won’t drive me crazy.”

Miguel, that’s a timely Good Deed For Free!