“OUCH!” Technician Moves TV That Had Broken Homeowner’s Foot

Service Champions technician David noticed the cast on the foot of the Mission Viejo homeowner and asked what happened. And what she told him sounded really painful!

“She’s in the process of getting ready to move. The week before I was there, she had been shifting some stuff around to prepare for the move,” David said. “She had one of those older TVs that are super-heavy, and she dropped it on her foot and she was only wearing flip-flops.”


After she told David about it, he asked, “Is the TV still where it was when it happened? I can move it for you if it is in the way.”

The homeowner said the TV still was right in the middle of the floor where she dropped it and would love to have it moved. “I knew you did Good Deeds For Free, but I didn’t know you did that kind of stuff.”

“Oh, we help with whatever we can,” David explained. “The company takes care of us, and we take care of our clients – we’re happy to do all kinds of stuff for Good Deeds For Free.”

David went upstairs and moved the TV where the homeowner wanted it. When he moved it, he found her flip-flop still under the TV! He was surprised by how heavy it was and estimated it to be over 80 pounds. The homeowner was happy to have it out of her way so she could continue to prepare for her move.

“Thank you, it’s very nice to have one less thing to worry about,” she said.

David, thanks for stepping forward and doing another Good Deed For Free!