Heat Pump Repairs Because of a Dirty Air Filter

Homeowners often forget about the air filter in their heat pump system. Though the air filter is a small piece, it’s a crucial part of the system. It helps keeps your indoor air and HVAC system clean. In fact, there are several problems that can occur from an overused or old air filter.

Air filters can be changed without the assistance of a technician, and homeowners should change the air filters on their heat pump systems at least twice a year if not more. This helps improve efficiency, air conditioning service, indoor air quality and overall cleanliness.

Doing so also helps prevent costly heat pump repairs. Here’s why:

Heat Pump Repairs When the System Doesn’t Regulate Temperature

As air passes through the heat pump system the first piece of equipment it encounters is the air filter. The air filter cleans germs and particles from the air, so any air circulating inside the home is clean and healthy.

When the air filter is filled with dirt, dust and other particles, it creates resistance and clean air can’t filter through. As a result, there is less air for the heat pump to heat or cool. Because there is less air to condition, the system can’t push out enough air to reach your desired temperature. This is when homeowners call technicians to say that the heat pump system doesn’t work.

When the system runs long enough with a dirty air filter, heat pump repairs are needed. The entire HVAC system is under stress, forcing parts work harder and longer, eventually wearing them out.

Heat Pump Repairs When the System Cycles Too Often or Cuts Short

A dirty air filter that creates resistance also breeds problem. The heat pump system is meant to condition a certain amount of air, depending on the size of the home. When not enough air is available to treat, the system settings are unable to cycle correctly, leading to inadequate air flow.

Irregularities can include cycling too often or unexpectedly cutting short. When this happens, home comfort takes a hit, air quality plummets, and energy efficiency weakens.

However, short cycling does not mean that your HVAC system does not work. Because of this, homeowners often view it as a minor problem. Unfortunately, this places a great deal of stress on the system, which could lead to expensive heat pump repairs. In fact, demanding the same amount of air conditioning from a compromised system almost guarantees heat pump repairs in the near future.

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