Technician Does A “Shady” Good Deed For Free

Service Champions technician Angel arrived at a Yorba Linda home and just like always, he asked at the beginning of the call if there was anything additional he could do to help his clients.

“Well, actually, maybe you could help me out,” the homeowner said. “I have an awning I want to put up on a 2nd floor balcony – we need more shade up in that room.”

“Sounds like something I can help you with,” Angel said. “I’ll go take care of servicing your unit and then we can take a look.”

After completing the service, Angel and the homeowner got to work on the awning. It ended up being a little more challenging than anticipated, but Angel is not one to give up easy.

“The awning came with a little tool that was supposed to help assemble it, but it didn’t work that well,” Angel explained. “So I got my drill and other tools out of my tool bag to get it installed.”

After the first attempt, the awning was a little crooked, so Angel worked at it until the homeowner was fully satisfied.

“We even put together the little handle that rolls it up and down,” Angel said. “He said he could do it himself, but I said, ‘I’m here, let me just take care of it for you.’”

Angel said the project took a little longer than he expected, but it was worth it.

“He was happy, and he said his wife would be ecstatic to have it up and providing shade from the sun,” Angel said.

Angel, thanks for taking the extra time to get it done right – that’s another superb Good Deed For Free!