This Good Deed Will Keep Homeowner From Getting Pulled Over

One of our Anaheim customers noticed our ‘Good Deeds For Free’ message on the side Service Champions vehicle and asked our technician James a question.

“Hey, you do Good Deeds?” she asked. “Does that apply here – could you do one for me?”

James smiled. “Absolutely, you got the right guy. I won’t even charge you for the smile afterward.”

It turned out she needed a front license plate put on her car to meet the California law to have a plate on both the front and back of a car. The homeowner said she had been pulled over previously for not having front tags.

James got to work. The customer didn’t have any hardware for it, so James found some nuts and bolts in his truck that would get the job done. He had the license plate secured to the front of the car in just a few minutes.

The client was very thankful and happy to not have to worry about getting pulled over again.

Problem solved, and another Good Deed For Free accomplished! And true to his word, James didn’t charge for the grateful smile.