A Contagious Good Deed Catches On With Another Motorist

Service Champions technician Steven noticed the silver Honda Civic that was stuck right near a gas station and he stopped to find out what was going on. He leaned out and asked the driver what was wrong.

“I’m not 100% sure, but I think I might be out of gas,” she said.

Steven hopped out of his vehicle and said “The gas station is right there. You get back in the driver seat and I’ll push.”

But Steven immediately ran into a problem. The car needed to go up an incline to get to the station and it was tough going. “I just kept pushing and pushing,” Steven said.

Then, out of nowhere, Steven had someone next to him, pushing, too. A guy driving by in a truck saw what was going on and stopped to help Steven push. Looks like this Good Deed For Free was contagious!

Together, they managed to roll the driver up to a gas pump.

Steven waited a few minutes while the driver pumped gas and then tried to start the car. Yes, it turned out it was gas – the car started right up. The driver was very grateful that Steven stopped to help.

Steven, way to take the Good Deed For Free message out to the community – keep up the great work!