This Good Deed Proved Fruitful

Service Champions technician John noticed the orange tree as he arrived at the Anaheim home where he was on a service call.

There was definitely some juicy, delicious oranges ready on the tree, but John could tell they needed picked now before they became over-ripe.

“I noticed the tree out front has some oranges that are ready to eat,” John said to the homeowners. “How about I get a few for you?”

These customers were happy that someone would make that thoughtful offer!

The tree was compact enough that John didn’t need a ladder. He picked about 10 of the sweetest, best-looking oranges and gave them to the homeowners, a husband and wife.

After John performed this act of kindness, the husband took him outside and showed him the pride and joy of their hobby – a beautiful, brand-new RV. Good Deeds often lead to more conversation and connection!

John, this Good Deed has us juiced! Thanks for that nice bit of extra effort – it means a lot!

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