How To Care For Your Air Conditioner Unit

Air conditioner units are complicated machines. Yet they do so much for our home comfort. Unfortunately, few homeowners invest their personal time and effort to care for them. To our luck, home care is much simpler than many think. Just a few adjustments can help your home, your air and your air conditioner unit.

Air Conditioner Unit

Schedule AC Maintenance Biannually

Air conditioner maintenance is one of the best services you can choose. AC maintenance works to restore the health, cleanliness safety and efficiency of the air conditioner unit.

The standard AC maintenance includes:

  • Tests for safety switches and proper operation
  • Evaluation of current status of the central air system
  • Cleaning of the air filter, evaporator coils and drip pans

Air conditioner units of all kinds benefit from AC maintenance. Your HVAC specialist has the opportunity to provide his or her undivided attention to making the most out of your central air system. Once your specialist is through, he or she is able to provide notes and answer questions. More importantly, you will find a more efficient way to utilize your air conditioner unit.

Sweep the Home Clean

Keeping the home clean means that the air is clean. This includes your air conditioner unit. Because all of the indoor air travels through the air conditioner unit, particles inside the home get stuck inside.

As a result, residue builds up, creating more resistance. As a result, energy expenditure rises, system stress increases and the system lifespan decreases.

Tune In During Run Times

What happens when the air conditioner unit cycles? Generally, all may be well, but sometimes the system provides clues to inner health. Are there unusual noises like grinding, clicking or shaking sounds? Are there strange odors? Does the air conditioner unit itself feel cold?

Anything out of the ordinary is a sign that your air conditioner unit needs professional attention. These clues can lead to a number of conditions. Before more of these symptoms add up, call upon the help of your HVAC technician.

Seal the House

Help protect the indoor air quality and heat load by sealing all cracks and crevices of the home. Attach new door sweeps and caulk the edges of windows. Attic insulation and duct insulation also block unwanted outdoor temperature from entering the home.

In the end, all of these measures contribute to keeping air conditioning as efficient as possible so no resources are wasted on escaping air.

Call Service Champions When You Need Help

Your air conditioner unit deserves an expert. At Service Champions, our technicians train each year for 150 hours. The HVAC service we provide is on par with the latest air conditioning technology available in our industry.

Our expert technical care and genuine customer service always lead to success. Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning is the choice AC contractor.

To have your air conditioner unit serviced by the most caring technicians, contact one of our friendly representatives in our call center at your convenience.

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