Ain’t Nothing But A (Found) Hound Dog

Service Champions technician Jack was in the middle of a tune-up when he ran out to his service truck for a part he needed. As he turned to go back to the house, he noticed a hound dog running free in the neighborhood.

The hound dog was a sociable sort, and came right up to Jack and let him know he was welcome to pet him. Jack obliged and looked around for where this friendly fellow might belong.

Now that they were friends the hound dog followed Jack back to the garage where he was in the middle of the tune-up. Jack decided that as much as he liked his new co-worker, he better find the hound dog’s owner.

He went to his customer and asked if he knew where he belonged.

“Yep, that looks like the new neighbor’s dog,” he told Jack.

Together they returned the dog. The neighbors hadn’t realized he’d escaped, but they were happy and thankful for their pet’s safe return.

Doggone it, Jack, that was a nice little good deed you did there. Thanks for looking out for our four-legged friends!