Who’ll Stop The Rain? This Service Champions Technician!

Service Champions technician Javier had just finished a tune-up and was getting ready to go. The customer was happy the tune-up was done… but she asked if Javier might be able to look at a spot on her living room ceiling.

She pointed to a growing water spot and explained that every time it rained, it seemed to get bigger. Her worry was growing right alongside the water stain.

“Well, let me take a look then,” Javier said. In reality, he didn’t know if he could do anything, but he figured it couldn’t hurt to check it out.

Javier set up his ladder and climbed up to investigate. There was a noticeable wet spot directly above where the spot was on the ceiling. And Javier noticed a can of Old Henry sealant on the roof – someone must have done some roof repairs sometime in the past!

Javier climbed down and double-checked with the customer – was she okay with him using the sealant? Not only was she okay with it, she was delighted someone was going to help her!

So back up to the roof Javier went. Because he had used sealant on his own home, he knew exactly what to do. He was able to use a painter stick he found on the roof to apply the sealant, and he used a small brush from his tool set to evenly apply the coating.

This good deed took about 15 minutes – well worth the time judging by the thank you and smile from the grateful and relieved homeowner!

Javier, way to use your resourcefulness and ‘can-do’ attitude to ‘stop the rain’ and brighten this customer’s day!

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