“Oh, I Thought That Was Just A Way Of Marketing”

Many of our customers are already familiar with ‘Good Deeds For Free’ – after all, it’s in radio ads, on our trucks, and a part of our website.

But even with all the positive stories, some customers think it’s just a marketing gimmick, and not really a fundamental part of the Services Champions’ culture. And in a world with a lot of hyped-up claims, that’s understandable.

So it was especially satisfying for Service Champions technician Dan to prove the true nature of ‘Good Deeds For Free’ to a previously skeptical customer—a school teacher in Mission Viejo.

When Dan first walked in to complete the service, he saw smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms on a table top. “What do you have there?” he said, pointing to them.

The customer sighed and said, “Oh, yes, I’ve been meaning to get to them, but I haven’t had a chance. I’m not as young as I used to be!”

“What if I could help you install these right now?” Dan asked. “It will only take a few minutes.”

The customer was worried because she had some place to be… and… well… she didn’t want to take up his time. But, if he insisted…

That was all Dan needed to hear. The customer relied on Dan’s knowledge to help her decide the best places to install them and Dan got everything up in working in about 10 minutes. He discovered that her old smoke alarms had expired batteries and got satisfaction knowing the home was now safer.

Dan also found out that the customer was much more worried about all this then she initially let on.

It turns out that every night before bed she was double-checking the stove to make sure the gas was off, and then she checked every wall outlet to make sure nothing unnecessary was plugged in. She was also concerned that her furnace was emitting dangerous levels of carbon monoxide.

On top of everything else, she had surgery recently, and even a step ladder would have been dangerous for her. Installing these alarms herself was simply out of the question.

Now she had all the alarms installed, and Dan’s assurance that her furnace was good to go. Dan could almost see the huge weight dropping off this school teacher’s shoulders. He was again impressed how a 5 to 10 minute “Good Deed” could lift someone else’s spirit so much!

After the good deed was completed, Dan found out that he had proved something to her without knowing he was doing it. The customer confessed that she had always assumed the “Good Deeds For Free” was about hype, not reality.

“Oh, I thought that was just a way of marketing,” she said. “I thought it was just for looks to get the clients in.”

Dan explained that actually caring about customers was something that was talked about constantly at Service Champions… by the owner, the managers, and the team members. The emphasis is always on “doing good deeds because we mean it, because we care about the clients.”

This school teacher is now convinced that we mean what we say… and no doubt sleeping better at night knowing that alarms are in place and that her furnace is safe!