‘Technician-In-Training’ Turns This Doubter Into A Raving Fan

When Service Champions technician-in-training Edwin and his experienced technician partner Greg showed up at a customer’s home for a tune-up, they were greeted with doubt.

“Why are there two of you?” the homeowner asked, with apprehension creeping into her voice.

“Ma’am, I’m in training,” Edwin told her. “I hope you don’t mind.”

“Well, I do mind,” she said. But then she softened a bit. “You know what? It’s okay. Come in.”

As it turned out, the woman was actually very nice and had a sharp sense of humor. She chatted quite a bit with them until any initial barriers melted away.

Even though Edwin was only in training, he knew the culture of Service Champions already. So as Greg got a signature from the customer, Edwin decided it was time to do a good deed.

The woman had a white carpet – the kind that shows everything! Edwin could see the dirt and lint, and he told the homeowner he’d like to vacuum it for her. She said no at first, but Edwin said he really would like to take care of it for her. She relented.

When the carpet was clean, the homeowner broke out her sharp sense of humor again.

“If I knew you better, I’d take you out to dinner tonight,” she said straight-faced. Then she cracked a smile and said. “No, really, you guys are amazing!”

As they were leaving, Edwin asked her if she could rate them from 1 to 10 on the tune-up… and she said 20! From skeptical to a rating of 20… and a clean white carpet, too! (And almost a dinner invitation)!

Edwin, you might be a newer member of the Service Champions team, but you’ve already proven you understand our “Good Deeds For Free” culture! Thanks for turning this customer from doubter to raving fan!

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