Technician Kicks This Fire Hazard To The Curb, Despite Allergies

Service Champions technician Eric had just finished a tune-up on a customer’s furnace in Hacienda Heights and was on his way out the door when he noticed something that concerned him.

It was the 2nd week of January, and the customer’s Christmas tree was still up, and looked as if it was well past its expiration date. And it didn’t just look bad and out of date—it was a dried-out fire hazard.

Eric wanted to help… but he’s allergic to fir trees!

He decided to help anyway, rationalizing that the danger of the fire hazard outweighed the possible annoyance of his allergies. Plus… Good deeds for free!

When Eric asked about the tree, the customer explained that she had been waiting for her daughter to come over and take care of it, but she just hadn’t made it over yet.

When Eric offered to dispose of it for her, she politely refused… but Eric could tell from her reaction that she would be relieved to get the tree out of the house. In his friendly way, he said, “No worries!  I have everything I need!”

The customer stood silent, jaw opened with amazement, as Eric went into “perpetual motion machine” mode and took care of that tree. Off came the ornaments and lights. Out to the curb went the tree (in the pouring rain!). Then he returned inside and cleaned up the needles.

“Eric the Efficient” was able to complete it all in about 20 minutes flat. And suffice it to say, the customer was thrilled.

“She wouldn’t stop saying ‘thank you,’” Eric said. “It was pretty cool.”

And by the way, Eric was fine in the end—nothing a little Benadryl couldn’t fix!

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