Fixing The Office Chair Earns This Technician A Grateful Hug

Service Technician Frank was at a Mission Viejo home and noticed the client’s office chair was pretty wobbly.

“Whoa, that’s unsteady. How long has it been like that?” Frank asked.

“It’s been like that for quite a while,” she said.

“Well, if you let me flip it over, maybe I can get it stable again,” Frank told her. She gave her permission and Frank got to work.

He quickly realized there was a part missing. “It needs a tightener – you didn’t happen to find a little black circular thing, did you?”

The light bulb went off in the homeowner’s head.

“Yes! I knew when I found it that it must be to something and I tucked it away in this drawer,” she said.

Frank popped on the tightener, but he decided to do even more. He sat the homeowner in the chair and adjusted all the settings to the specifications she liked.

“Frank, this is perfect – thank you!” she said.

The client was so happy “she gave me a big old hug!” Frank said. He added, “It makes me feel like a million bucks when I help people and they’re so happy about it.”

Frank, great job on another Good Deed For Free!