With Heavy Rain Coming, Technician Climbs The Ladder To Cover The Coop

Service Champions technician Anthony was at a home in Glendora and could hear how anxious his clients were becoming over an impending storm.

“There was some really heavy rain expected later that day,” Anthony explained. “They had an uncovered chicken coop out back and really wanted to get a tarp on it before the rain hit.”

It was not something they were physically able to do themselves, and they were thinking their son would not be able to get there in time to help them.

“I told them, ‘let me do it, I have a ladder,’” Anthony said. “They said it was too much to ask but I told them this was the perfect opportunity to accept a Good Deed For Free.”

The homeowners relented, and Anthony set up his ladder.

It took a little bit of doing because the coop was a pretty good size, but they helped guide Anthony and after about a half hour, a blue tarp was firmly in place.

“They were just so relieved and happy,” Anthony said. “To see the look on their face made doing it so worthwhile.”

Anthony, way to not ‘chicken out’ on this task – that’s another terrific Good Deed For Free!