Tech’s Patiently Assists With Cell Phone And Is Paid Back In Gratitude

We see it all the time with our Good Deeds For Free: what is a relatively simple and easy task for one of our technicians is a big deal for the person on the receiving end.

Service Champions technician David noticed that his Anaheim client was struggling mightily with her cell phone. He asked if he could help.

At first she told him he didn’t want to bother him and take up his time, but David gently insisted that he didn’t mind at all. “This is a Good Deed For Free,” David told her. “It’s what we do.”

“So, we ended up sitting down at her table for like 30 minutes – she had a lot of questions,” David said.

By the time they were done, David had adjusted the background settings so the screen was much easier to see. David also helped her set up a phone list of her most frequently called numbers.

She was so grateful, and it reminded David again that assisting people with little stuff that feels simple to you can be a big deal to someone who needs the help.

“For me, setting up a cell phone is easy,” David said. “But for her, she didn’t have a lot of experience with it, so it was something she was very, very happy about.”

David, in the rush of the everyday work, thanks for slowing down enough to give your client the personal touch with another Good Deed For Free!