What To Do When You Find the Home Heater Broken

Finding the home heater broken can be a huge inconvenience. Home comfort is at a loss and the thought of scheduling a furnace repair becomes a hassle.

There is plenty that can be done to prevent home heaters from breaking. On the occasion it does happens, homeowners should follow these next steps.

Turn Off the Central Air

When homeowners find their home heater broken, it is important to turn off the central air system. Control the home heater from the thermostat. If the thermostat is unresponsive, opt for the power breaker. Though this is not the preferred way to control power, turning off the central air is the priority.

This keeps:

  • Dirty air from circulating the home
  • Safety switches from tripping
  • Motors from burning out
  • Condenser unit failure

Turning off the central air system prevents sensitive parts from overworking and protects the heater system as a whole.

Call Your HVAC Contractor

Next, contact your heater contractor. He or she will properly diagnose the problem and deliver the correct treatment. When owners find their home heater broken, it is important for them to take note of what might have gone wrong.

  • Are there strange odors or smells coming from the vents?
  • Are there unusual noises?
  • Did you notice changes in the run cycle?

What you note to be different only helps your furnace technician. Unique changes in behavior point to various trouble zones. From what you observe, your furnace contractor can determine:

  • Is the home heater broken from filtration trouble?
  • Is the home heater broken from leaks in the air ducts?
  • Is the home heater broken from frozen evaporator coils?

By communicating these changes to your HVAC contractor, he or she is better able to troubleshoot.

Choose Heater Maintenance to Prevent Repairs

It is common for technicians to discover the home heater broken from negligence. For this reason, furnace contractors recommend heater maintenance. Twice year, furnace maintenance helps prevent expensive repairs and permanent damages.

The heater maintenance helps avoid broken home heaters through:

  • Deep cleaning inside and outside the central air
  • Air filter care
  • Tightening of motors and wirework
  • Testing of proper performance and operation

Most importantly, technicians discover problems early. Technicians then solve these problems before they hurt the central air. This is how HVAC contractors prevent furnace repairs. They also help adjust usage habits to better preserve the central air.

With heater maintenance, you never find your home heater broken from negligence.  In addition, you have the peace of mind knowing a professional cares for your central air.

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