Answers to Common Heat Pump Repairs

Homeowners new to the heat pumps system may be unfamiliar with its overall behavior. While heat pumps are a wonderful alternative way to heat homes, they still require professional care. With time and use, heat pumps repairs become necessary.

Here are three common problems and how to tell if you need heat pump repairs.

Heat Pumps System Cycles Too Many Times

If it seems that the heat pumps system cycles too often, there is an underlying problem. In most cases, this happens from lack of maintenance rather than from serious heat pump repairs.

It is likely that there is debris stuck inside the system. This type of buildup creates resistance, making it more difficult for the heat pumps to work.

Have your technician come for heat pump maintenance. During maintenance, your technician:

  • Cleans in the inside and outside of the system
  • Measures airflow, energy efficiency and spending
  • Tests that safety switches are in place
  • Evaluates for proper operation

Maintenance prevents heat pump repairs. The service is best twice a year. In return homeowners enjoy reliable heating service from their heat pumps.

Heat Pumps Don’t Heat As Well

There are a number of explanations for why homeowners do not feel warmed air.

First, homeowners should check that the thermostat is set to the desired temperature. It is common to find that someone else toggled with the settings. Next, check that all vents and registers are in the open position. Also be sure to remove any furniture or boxes blocking the vents to help warmed air enter.

If these simple fixes don’t work, the problem could lie with the coils or the blower motors. Your contractor can make these easy heat pump repairs. Homeowners are encouraged to call as soon as possible. Early treatment prevents damages from spreading.

If you suspect your system needs heat pump repairs, turn the thermostat off to remove additional stress. Then call your heat pumps contractor to communicate the problem.

Heat Pumps Makes Unusual Noises

It is normal for the heat pumps system to make noises during the run cycle. However, noise becomes a bigger problem as the system ages. Parts separate with use and time as they vibrate with each run. While heat pump repairs won’t be necessary, the noises can be bothersome. For your own home comfort, have these issues taken care of during heat pump maintenance.

In rare cases, the heat pumps system produces serious and alarming noises. Your HVAC technician is necessary to determine exactly what heat pump repairs it may need.

Heat Pump Repairs with Service Champions

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