Showing The Trainee How It’s Done

When we hire a new person at Service Champions, we make a special point of introducing them to the Service Champions culture, especially ‘Good Deeds For Free.’ We always emphasize that it is important to make a habit out of helping in matters both big and small.

For example, our technician Andy was out with technician trainee Robert at a service call in Pasadena. It was early in the morning, and Andy saw the customer’s paper in the driveway.

“I told Robert, this is a good example of some of the Good Deeds we do that fly under the radar,” Andy said. “It doesn’t always have to be something big. Sometimes it’s as simple as bending down and picking up the paper and bringing it to the door.”

Andy and Robert did just that and when the customer opened the front door, they handed him the paper.

They were rewarded with a smile and a thank you. Andy also noticed how hospitable and kind the homeowners were during their visit.

Andy, great job showing Robert that even the very small acts count! Keep doing all those ‘Good Deeds For Free!’

Good Deeds In The Community

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