Dogs Jump At Chance To Go On A Joy Run But Our Tech Gets Them Home Safely

Service Champions technician Dan was finishing up a service call in the backyard of a Santa Ana home when his client told him he had to leave for a dentist appointment.

“When you’re done, you can leave by the side gate right over there,” he told Dan.

Dan thanked him, finished the work, and then was sitting in his truck at the curb doing some paperwork. Suddenly, he saw 2 big chocolate-colored English Labs dashing out into the street.

He recognized them right away as his client’s dogs because he had met them and played with them earlier.

“The traffic on this street was pretty busy,” Dan said. “Since I knew their owner wasn’t home, I was worried about them.”

Dan jumped out of his truck and began calling for Rocco and Jaspar as he ran after them. That didn’t work too well.

“They thought I was playing chase with them and started running farther away,” Dan said.

So Dan changed tactics and began to call them and run toward the house. That worked – the dogs followed him.

Once he got to the door, Dan was able to contact the homeowner through his doorbell camera system and let him know he was opening the door to let his dogs in.

“He was really appreciative and explained his door was supposed to lock when he closed the door, but he had been having some trouble with it,” Dan said.Dan, thanks for the quick action and getting those dogs back to safety. That’s another Good Deed For Free!