Tech Rescues A Stunned Hummingbird, Then Goes On To Do Another Good Deed

Service Champions technician Josh had just finished up an installation of a new HVAC system at a Huntington Beach home. When he finished up, the homeowner was upset.

It had nothing to do with the installation. The client was worried about a hummingbird trapped on her front patio. The hummingbird kept trying to fly away through a see-through cover but just kept banging its head.

Josh decided it was time for a rescue operation. He got out his ladder, climbed up to the trapped bird, and carefully captured the hummingbird in his hands.

Josh said at first the hummingbird seemed stunned from its constant attempts to escape. He cautiously handed the bird to the homeowner and together they walked to her open-air back patio and so they could release the bird. It came around and eventually flew away.

A hummingbird rescue wasn’t enough for Josh, however. He still thought he had one more Good Deed For Free in him and he asked the homeowner if he could do anything else.

As it turned out, she had a toilet lid that was loose and needed looked at.

Josh took a look at it and saw there was a very quick solution.

“I’ll I needed to do was add a little Teflon tape to the threading because it had gotten a little loose,” Josh said. “Once that was done, I was able to tighten it up good as new.”

It took Josh just a minute or two, but the homeowner was thrilled to have that little nagging problem taken care of.Josh, great job with a rescue and a quick fix – keep doubling up on those Good Deeds For Free!