Dog-Loving Technician Grooms Family’s Golden Retriever

Service Champions technician Dan owns several dogs, and he is one of those guys who never met a dog he doesn’t want be friends with.

So on a recent service call to Santa Ana, Dan was happy when the family’s beautiful Golden Retriever decided to be his “helper” as he worked on the on the air conditioning unit outside the home.

As the dog sat next to him, Dan gave him a pat, and noticed a lot of hair coming off.

“I was like ‘oh man, this is a big dog and it’s shedding a lot,’” Dan said. “I even saw hair in the HVAC filter.”

Dan decided he’d help out by grooming the dog.

“I finished washing the condenser. And then I saw the gloves near me, and a dog brush,” Dan said. “And I was like, ‘cool, I’ll just do that as a Good Deed.’”

It wasn’t long before Dan had his hands full.

“It was a decent size dog. I would say maybe eighty, ninety pounds,” Dan explained.  “The amount of fur I scrubbed off, it was like a trash bag worth of fur.”

And the homeowner’s reaction?

“The client was like, “oh my gosh, thank you!” said Dan. “He looks like a brand dog because all that fur is gone.”

The homeowner explained that she had been busy and really appreciated Dan’s showing her dog so much love.

Thanks Dan for another Good Deed For Free – keep ‘em coming!