An Earthshaking Good Deed For Free

Technician Lim was on a duct inspection call in La Verna, when the homeowner asked him for a small favor.

“He said since I would be up in the attic for the inspection anyway, could I keep an eye out for sunglasses he’d left up there a while back,” Lim said.

It was a big attic, and dark, so Lim wasn’t sure he would be able to find them.

He looked around for 10 minutes before spotting them in a darkened corner.

Then the unexpected happened.

“Just as I found the sunglasses, there was an earthquake,” Lim said. “I went back downstairs quickly!”

The client was nervous for Lin but was glad to see he was fine, and the earthquake gently subsided.

“I did find your sunglasses though,” Lim said. “Grabbed them right before the earthquake.”

The homeowner was all smiles and thanked Lim.

Lim, we know that you’d move heaven and earth to do a Good Deed For Free for your clients, but you took it a step further this time. Glad everyone was fine!