Technician Hangs Giant Swordfish (And This Ain’t No Fish Tale!)

It’s not every day you see a giant swordfish just hanging from the ceiling when you arrive at a client’s home.

But that’s exactly what Service Champions technician Brandon spotted when he arrived at a home in Diamond Bar to complete a diagnostic checkup.

“There was a giant swordfish up on the wall being suspended by a couple of pieces of rope,” Brandon said. “It was hanging in the air using a pulley system tied down to a giant desk.”

The homeowner had recently hurt his foot and was unable to complete hanging the swordfish on the wall by himself, so it was still suspended there.

That was all Brandon needed to hear. “Can I hang if for you?”

“That’d be great!” the homeowner said.

Brandon immediately went to his truck and got his ladder.

“There was a big chain on the back of the fish bolted into the fish,” Brandon said. “And that chain needed to be hung by bolts in the wall.”

It was heavy, but Brandon used some teamwork with a trainee he had along on the service call, and they got the swordfish mounted in about 30 minutes.

The homeowner was thrilled and admired the handiwork with Brandon after it was mounted.

Brandon, that’s no typical ‘Fish Tale’ – that’s a true Good Deed For Free!