Technician Gives Up A Tool to Keep His Client Cool

You’ve heard about giving someone the shirt off your back?

Well, on a recent service call in Laguna, our technician Steve gave a homeowner one of his tools off his toolbelt!

The air conditioner at the home was leaking and needed replacement, but replacement was not something the homeowner could do at the moment.

“I was like ‘oh man, this is a big dog and it’s shedding a lot,’” Dan said. “I even saw hair in the HVAC filter.”

“I saw the worry about it,” Steve said. “Having to deal with hot temperatures was a definite concern.”

It gave Steve an idea.

“I had an extra temperature gun and so I said, ‘Look, I’d rather you know right away if your system starts having a problem and you can call us right away,’” said Steve.

The homeowner gave Steve a big smile – he was relieved that he would be able to monitor the system and know right away if his system wasn’t blowing cold air.

And the homeowner’s reaction?

“He was especially happy with us because he said they called some other company and the other company was kind of rude,” Steve said. “So, he really appreciated the fact that we went a little bit farther in trying to help them out.”

Nice job, Steve, giving your client extra peace of mind with another Good Deed For Free!