Distressed Neighbor Has Car Trapped In Garage… Our Technician To The Rescue

Service Champions technician John had just wrapped a service call at a Corona home and was approached by a woman from across the street as he got in his service vehicle.

“Do you know anything about garage doors?” she asked.

“No, but if you’re having a problem, maybe I can figure it out!” John said.

John said the woman was a bit anxious because she had an appointment, and her garage door wouldn’t open. She had no way to get there unless she could get her SUV out of her garage.

“She also was a little stressed that her husband was out of town, so she had no one else to help her with this,” John said.

John walked to her garage and gave the door an inspection. Whenever the garage opener was pushed, the door would go up about 2 inches and then go right back down. At first, they tried plugging and unplugging it to see if it would re-set.

When that failed, John took a closer look and noticed that there was a 2X4 mounted near it that was catching the door.

“We just held the 2X4 back a little when we pressed the button, and up the door went,” John said.

The neighbor was very relieved and happy to not have to worry about having a car stuck in the garage with no way to get around.

“She thanked me and was very happy to be able to get to her appointment,” John said.

Good Deeds For Free are not just for our clients. We want to help whenever we can – thanks John for your assistance!