This Good Deed Bears Good Fruit

Service Champions technician Jamison was talking with the Cerritos homeowner at the end of tune-up.

“She really loved her backyard garden,” Jamison said. “It was cool because she was into it.”

She had things like chili peppers, corn, lettuce, and more. One thing she particularly loved was the nearby tangerine tree, but she couldn’t get up the ladder like she used to.

“I’ve never seen a tangerine tree, actually,” Jamison said. “Would you mind showing me that?”

She was more than happy to show Jamison the huge tree.

“Do you want me to get my ladder and get you some tangerines down?” Jamison asked.

“Actually, that would be wonderful,” she said. “And I want you to get some for yourself, too.”

Jamison spent about 15 minutes pulling down some choice fruit for the homeowner. She was thrilled and made sure Jamison took some delicious tangerines with him when he went.

Jamison, thanks for reaching up for another Good Deed For Free – keep up the good work!