Technician Gives A Free Rollerblading Lesson To Struggling Beginners

Our technicians tend to be well-rounded people with many hobbies. And sometimes those hobbies come in handy when doing a Good Deed For Free.

That happened recently when a Service Champions technician was performing a tune-up at a Tustin home and he used his excellent rollerblading skills to help two kids learn the sport better.

Our technician stepped outside to get a needed part from his truck and he noticed the homeowner’s kids struggling on rollerblades in their driveway. He stopped to offer some pointers and soon enough he had a captive audience of two.

The 11-year-old boy and his 8-year-old sister listened intently as he told them to bend their knees more and kick outward. He also told them to avoid being stiff and keep your body relaxed.

The 20-minute mini-lesson in rollerblading really took hold – the kids quickly got the hang of it. Our technician said he was really impressed to have 2 such quick learners as students.

That’s another Good Deed For Free – keep them rolling!