Customer Gets An Assist From Our Technician

The customer clearly had a love for animals, but, oh boy, did she have her hands full!

Besides her own dog, she was watching the neighbor’s dog and that dog was SICK. Service Champions technician Steven was working in the garage of the customer’s Cerritos home and she was telling him about the neighbor’s poor pooch that had an upset stomach.

Steven was impressed that his customer would take care of a neighbor’s dog, particularly when it was less than pleasant duty right now!

“Well, my neighbors are at work during the day and they asked if I could help,” she said. “Since I originally rescued the dog, I wanted to do it.”

She went on to explain that when she was out walking with her own dog one day, this dog found them and followed them home. The customer took the little guy to the vet to get his chip checked and to see if an owner could be located.

When nothing turned up, she offered the dog to her neighbors, and they accepted.

Steven was impressed with the woman’s pet compassion and wanted to help if he could. As it turned out, the customer wanted to house the pooch in a dog crate to prevent him from getting sick all over the garage. But the latch wasn’t working.

“Let me take a look,” Steven said. Sure enough, it was a relatively easy fix. After loosening and then re-tightening a few screws, Steven had it working just fine. The customer was grateful, but Steven wasn’t done.

He also got a blanket and folded it neatly so the dog could be more comfortable. And if he got sick again, the customer would be able to pull out the blanket to clean, instead of having to wash the whole crate.

Steven, thanks for your compassion towards our furry friends, and for helping your customer with a Good Deed in a less than ideal situation!

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