Technician Has This Customer’s (Bad) Back

The customer was limping and at times grabbing his back. It was clear this Norwalk homeowner was struggling physically, and Service Champions technician Dan asked him about it.

“I’m still recovering from back surgery,” this construction worker told Dan. He went on to explain he’d got hurt on the job and it required multiple back surgeries.  He regretted that he could no longer do many of things he used to do.

So when Dan was doing his inspection and tune-up, he wasn’t surprised to notice that both the customers return grill vent and his ceiling fans were clogged and caked with dust and dirt. After all, there was no way this man could be up on a ladder with that back to clean it himself.

Seeing all that dust also made Dan wonder about the potential health consequences.

“Have you had any recent breathing problems?” Dan asked.

The customer said he “just had the normal allergies” but Dan knew this build-up could be adding to the problem. Dan decided to take action and get things cleaned up now!

“We need to get this dust off your vent to try and save your system,” Dan told him. The build-up of giant dust bunnies was serious enough to be causing air restriction.

But Dan wasn’t satisfied to just clean the vent. He cleaned off the ceiling fan blades, too.

Dan’s a stickler for getting things super clean and it took a good 20 minutes of attacking the dirt to get everything spick and span.

After it was done, the homeowner lit up with appreciation

“No one has ever done that kind of thing for me,” he told Dan.

Dan, once again you’ve represented the true spirit of Good Deeds For Free… thanks for your caring attitude!

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