“It’s What I Would Do For My Own Mom”

Service Champions technician James was on a service call in a Huntington Beach home and his customer was telling him about her new microwave and how frustrated she was with it. She had the darn thing for only two weeks and she couldn’t get it to work.

Two weeks old and completely useless! Could James possibly look at it?

“Of course,” James said. After trying it out, he could tell it was not functioning properly.

“Okay, let’s unplug it for about 30 seconds and just get everything back to ‘re-set,’” James said. Sure enough it came back blinking.

“Okay, good, it’s flashing,” he said. “That means it’s working!”

The customer was still concerned that it would be too complicated to use, but James re-assured her. “I know it came with an instruction book, but now you can think of me as the instruction book.”

James got the clock set, figured out all the basic functions, and explained how to use it.

The customer was thrilled and even offered James money for helping her.

“No ma’am,” he said. He explained ‘Good Deeds For Free’ to her and how he loved and lived the philosophy.

James also told her that he likes to think of how he would help his own family when doing a Good Deed.

“That’s why I want to make this simple for you to learn and for you to use,” he said. “That’s what I would do for my own mom.”

James, great attitude and well said! Thank you for being a Good Deeds ambassador of the first order!

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