This Customer Gets An Assist With Her New Vacuum Cleaner

Service Champions technician Edward was enjoying chatting with his Irvine customer. She was friendly and talkative, but she was also frustrated.

“I just got this new vacuum I ordered from QVC,” she said. “It looks like it will work great, but it’s locked or something and I can’t get it unstuck.”

Edward suggested that he could take a look. He saw the manual was still with the vacuum. He picked it up and began reading through it.

It wasn’t long before he could see the problem.

“See what you want to do is put your foot down right on this part,” Edward demonstrated. “Then the handle will unlock.”

Since Edward was able to figure that out, she had more questions. What about this attachment?

“Oh, that’s for hardwood floors,” Edward explained. “See if you switch it around it will fit onto the vacuum and you can use it for floors.”

The customer was excited as she tested out her new vacuum and even Edward was surprised but how powerful it was. “Wow, nice vacuum!”

Great work, Edward — another Good Deed For Free!

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