A Little Heavy Lifting Saves This Artist A Bunch Of Time

Service Champions technician Michael was at a home in Riverside and spotted the customer carrying a heavy cinder block.

“Hey, that looks heavy,” Michael called out. “How about I help you with that?”

The artist and homeowner was grateful for the help. There were many more blocks stacked next to the side of the house and Michael helped her by moving 5 more cinder blocks back to a table she had around the back of her home.

“By the way, what are you doing with these?” Michael asked.

It turns out it was for an interesting project. She was creating a large walkway on her front lawn, but she was painting it to look like a river. The blocks were being painted blue to create the “river.”

“What she was creating looked really nice,” Michael said. He learned the client had been working on the project for a good while. She did some traveling, and tried to learn from other examples she saw on her trips.

She would continually incorporate what she learned, modifying and adding as she created her front yard art work.

“It sounded like she wanted to eventually have the whole front lawn to be all like that,” Michael said.

She certainly was grateful for Michael lightening her load.

“You just save me a bunch of time,” she told Michael with a smile.

Way to lend a helping hand with another Good Deed For Free Michael!

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