The Best AC Air Conditioning Repairs for Your Home

Did you know that the furnace is a big part of AC air conditioning? Most homeowners believe there is a separate system for each heating and air conditioning, but this is not the case.

Because the entire central air system works all year long AC air conditioning repairs are important.  Homeowners who procrastinate on AC air conditioning repairs collect permanent damages, spend more on air conditioning and eventually pay more for AC service calls.

AC air conditioning repairs help:

  • The central air system last longer
  • Avoid permanent damages
  • Save energy costs
  • Restore AC air conditioning performance

The AC air conditioning system is large and complex. The moment you suspect something is wrong, contact your HVAC contractors for service.

AC Air Conditioning Repairs for the Condenser Unit

The condenser unit is often identified as the component that sits outside, usually somewhere in the backyard. The condenser unit is responsible for compressing refrigerant for the AC air conditioning process. It also contains several power switches, capacitors, wires and pressure settings. As a result, when the condenser unit needs repairs, AC air conditioning is at a standstill.

In addition, because the condenser unit is quite large and carries a system within itself, there are many different types of AC air conditioning repairs it may need.

AC air conditioning repairs for the condenser unit may include:

  • Burnt power switches
  • Refrigerant leaks
  • Faulty pressure settings
  • Blown capacitors
  • Corroded wires

AC Air Conditioning Repairs for Motors and Fans

AC air conditioning repairs form motors and fans are absolutely essential. No matter how well the rest of the central air works, without motors and fans, there is no way for cooled and cleaned air to move in and out of the home. As a result, energy is spent on AC air conditioning, but air is stuck inside the system.

If your air is on but do not feel airflow from the vents, the problem may lie with the motors and fans.

AC Air Conditioning Repairs for the Air Ducts

AC air conditioning repairs for the air ducts are uncommon. However, there are cases when construction or even animals create tears in the air ducts. When these tears do happen, they cause enormous problems for homeowners.

Torn air ducts result in:

  • Huge energy loss
  • Terrible indoor air quality
  • A dirty AC air conditioning system

Homeowners who suspect rips in the air ducts should immediately turn off the AC air conditioning system. Keeping the air running will bring in dirt and dust from the attic and pollute the home air.

Service Champions for Super AC Air Conditioning Repairs

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To see your home at its best, trust your AC air conditioning repairs to Service Champions.

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