Confusing TV Problem Solved by Our Technician

Service Champions technician Angel was at a Laguna Niguel home when he saw the homeowner over near her TV trying to figure out why it wasn’t working.

“Hey, you’re young – maybe you’ll understand why this won’t work,” the homeowner said to Angel. “Is this an HDMI cord?”

Angel looked at what she was holding and said it wasn’t. But after assessing the situation, Angel figured out that what his client was trying to do was get her new Amazon Firestick to work.

“In looking at your TV, I don’t think you’ll need an HDMI cord for this,” Angel explained. “Your TV is already ready to use the Firestick – I think we just need to change the input.”

Angel worked with the homeowner to get logged in to her Amazon account and pretty soon he had everything working just fine.

“I think she actually almost had it working herself – the problem may have been logging in wrong,” Angel said. “We were able to figure it out and she was happy to have the problem fixed.”

Angel used to work in an electronics department, so he was able to spend a little extra time to educate the homeowner on how to best use her new streaming service.

Angel, thanks for taking that extra time to help your client – that’s another Good Deed For Free!