Technician Takes Extra Time To Clean Homeowner’s Canoe

Service Champions technician Kevin was cleaning a condenser outside of a Trabuco Canyon home when he noticed a dirty canoe sitting right near where he was working.

With cleaning supplies in hand, Kevin thought he would take a little extra time and clean up the canoe as a surprise Good Deed for his client.

He grabbed some Simply Green and got to work. With a little bit of elbow grease and time, he cleaned up the canoe.

Part way through, Kevin got a bit of a surprise when a black snake slithered by him.

“The snake popped out like two feet away from me and just slid right past me and I was like, ‘Oh!’” Kevin said. But it disappeared as quickly as it appeared, and Kevin got back to scrubbing.

Kevin showed the client that his canoe was clean and ready for its next use and the homeowner was appreciative.

“You know, not many companies give back like you guys do,” he said.

Kevin, way to leave things ‘cleaner than you found it’ – that’s another Good Deed For Free!