Home Heater Repair for Better Indoor Air

Clean indoor air is essential for optimal health and comfort. To ensure your home has the purest air possible, you need to give your central air systems the love and care they deserve.

To start on your way towards cleaner air, consider some of these home heater repairs.

Home Heater Repair: Evaporator Coils

The evaporator coils fluctuate in temperature during the heating and cooling process. As a result, it is often covered in water from natural condensation. From here, microbiological growth begins. Also, it is a perfect place for floating particles to attach since its surface is often moist.

Indoor air passes over these coils whenever your system is running. When air passes over dirty coils, particles and bacteria detach and travel with the airflow, entering the home.

Unfortunately, this is a very common issue. Routine maintenance to the evaporator coils removes unwanted debris and keep air clean. It also helps surrounding parts last longer, so homeowners do not have to pay for an expensive home heater repair.

Home Heater Repair: Air Ducts

Air ducts are kept in the attic, and the attic is a very different environment than the rest of the house. It receives little light and little ventilation, therefore the air is packed with dirt and bacteria. During warmer months of the year, the attic’s temperature can easily reach triple digits.

Fortunately, air ducts seldom experience issues. However, when leaks and holes do occur, it causes problems for indoor air. Dirty attic air enters the main quarters of the home, filling it with odors, particles, and pathogens; and home heater repair become necessary. Keeping your ductwork clean and maintained is the best way to ensure the cleanliness of your indoor air.

Home Heater Repair: Filtration

One of the easiest home repairs you can do is regularly replacing the air filter. These filters are quite simple to replace, and homeowners can accomplish this themselves.

A clean air filter delivers several benefits:

  • Keeps the interior of the central air system free of buildup
  • Maintains energy efficiency
  • Cleans indoor air
  • Helps the system last longer

Homeowners who have pets or live in dusty areas should consider changing the air filter often to improve indoor air quality.

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