What A C Repairs Do You Need? (Part 2)

Air conditioning service usually stops when you need it most. When a problem strikes your home central air system, you may be tempted to fix the situation yourself. Before you do, find out what the problem is based on its symptoms. Then, enlist in the help of your preferred HVAC specialist to prevent further damage.

If the air conditioning doesn’t blow air…

The motor pulley may need a new belt. When the belt has worn down and creates too much slack, it fails to set into motion the blower motors, leaving air supply still even though the system is technically running. When this happens, turn off the air conditioning to save energy. With a bad belt on the motor pulley, there will be no conditioned air coming into your home.

The A C repairs needed are a belt replacement and motor evaluation. Though the specifications of the belt itself differ with each central air system, your HVAC specialist can secure it over the pulley and restore your heating and air conditioning service.

If the outside fan is not working…

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Several different motors within the central air system help propel air in, out and throughout the house. When the outside fan is not working, warm air is trapped inside the central air system, allowing it to overheat.

There can be a number of A C repairs needed, but to zero in on the efficient solution, contact your HVAC technician for help. He or she can reset the blower fan, relieve the central air of extraneous heat and test that the entire system works properly. Usually, even one sign of poor performance is a clue to a core issue.

If the utility bill is unusually high…

Whether due to frozen evaporator coils or a dirty air filter, negligence and lack of maintenance often lead to low efficiency performance causing a spike in power usage.

A C maintenance is a great start to remove any obstruction within the system itself. If A C repairs are necessary, your air conditioning contractor can attend to any fixes, restoring the health, sanitation, safety and efficiency of the system.

If there’s too much water collecting inside the unit…

The condensate line is most likely clogged with debris, causing water to back up and flood the drip pan. This can potentially be a hazardous situation. You can clean the drip pan yourself but leave the rest to your air conditioning specialist. Depending on the severity of the problem, you may also need a plumber.

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