Mirror, Mirror On The Floor… And In A Lot Of Pieces!

Service Champions technician Ryan stared at the glass on the floor that stood between him and the closet. He needed to get to the closet because it gave him access to the attic and the unit he needed to service.

Ryan wasn’t exactly sure what happened, but clearly the closet door had been broken at some point, and a mirror had shattered with it. Ryan found out that this was the room of the college-age son and so it wasn’t exactly a shock that it wasn’t picked-up… college-age males are not generally known for cleaning up messes quickly!

The mom saw this and immediately offered to re-schedule the service. “I’ll get HIM to clean this up,” she said.

Ryan smiled. “You know, it is probably easier for both of us if I just take care of this now.” Ryan got the vacuum from the service van. It took about 20 minutes, picking up large pieces as he went and vacuuming up the little shards.

When it was finished, the mom was thrilled.

“She was awesome,” Ryan said. “She was so happy that I cleaned it up that I think she forgot for a minute that I was there for the service!”

But she didn’t forget to tell her son about it. He happened to come home before Ryan left. “Look, he cleaned this up for you. He vacuumed everything.”

Disclaimer: We’re happy to do ‘Good Deeds For Free,’ but when it comes to getting young men to clean-up messes, you’re on your own!

Ryan, another excellent ‘Good Deed For Free’… keep it up!