Before Saying “You Don’t Have To Do That,” It’s Done.

Sometimes the amount of time spent on a good deed doesn’t matter… what’s important is that it gets done!

Such was the case when Service Champions technician Ryan was at a house in La Puente for a furnace tune-up. As he was moving about, Ryan happened to grab a handrail that his customer had previously installed himself. Loose. Very loose in fact.

And Ryan had already noticed that his customer moved slowly and was careful about walking. Ryan put it together. A little unsteady on the feet + very loose handrail = likely disaster!

Ryan could see this was simply a matter of getting a couple of screws properly tightened. Let me take care of this for you, he told the customer.

“Oh you don’t have to do that,” Ryan’s customer told him.

But Ryan was already showing him how quickly this problem could be fixed. In a matter of seconds, Ryan had secured the railing. He gave it a firm pull and it didn’t budge.

“There you go, it’s not going to fall off now,” Ryan said.

Even though the homeowner had told him he didn’t have to, Ryan says the customer was very happy with the extra security of a safer handrail.

Ryan, your quick and thoughtful ‘Good Deed For Free’ might just well have avoided a dangerous accident. Way to go, Ryan!