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Doubling Down On Good Deeds!

Doubling Down On Good Deeds!
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June 16, 2016
Doubling Down On Good Deeds!
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Doubling Down On Good Deeds!

Doubling Down On Good Deeds!

028 Mendoza Plant Removal and Smoke Alarm Fix 0525 - Doubling Down On Good Deeds!

For Service Champions technician Jay, doing just one good deed sometimes isn’t enough!

During a service call at a Pasadena home, he noticed the homeowner struggling with some heavy flower pots. They were nice glass pots, but the flowers had seen better days! The customer wanted to save them, but there was a lot of dirt, water, and flowers in them. They looked too heavy to be easily handled by one person.

Jay had visions of dropped pots, with glass, dirt, and dead flowers everywhere!

“Let me help you with that,” he offered. “If you can just hold the bag open, I can dump it in and hold onto the pot.”

There were a pair of pots, but Jay took care of them both. Flower pots saved, problem solved.

But Jay was not done ‘Good Deeding’ just yet!

He was up on a ladder cleaning a vent and noticed a hard-wired smoke alarm dangling from the ceiling. By how high he was, he knew that the customer probably didn’t have a ladder tall enough to get to it.

“Is it okay if I go ahead and fix that smoke detector for you?” he asked.

Absolutely! She was grateful that he would take care of it.

Jay maneuvered his nine foot ladder into place and still could barely get up to it! But when he finally got close enough, he noted that the wiring was still intact. All that was required was to put the detector back on the bracket and twist. Voila! Done.

Jay, two Good Deeds, and one very happy customer. Keep up the great work!

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