With A Big Lizard Loose In Her House, Client Tells Technician “I Know You Guys Do Good Deeds, Now Go Get It!”

Service Champions technician Steve was in Costa Mesa doing a routine leak test on an air conditioning unit when all of a sudden his service call became anything but routine.

He noticed something moving behind the client’s house. The back door was open and he saw a large lizard dash into the home.

“I thought it was a snake at first, but it was actually a pretty big lizard,” Steve said.

It startled the homeowner, and she came running out of the house and quickly handed Steve a broom and a bucket exclaiming, “I know you guys do Good Deeds, now go get it!”

Armed with just a broom and bucket Steve and his client entered the home.

“We had to move everything until we found it sitting in the corner,” Steve said.

With everything cleared away, Steve made his move, sweeping the unruly houseguest into the bucket. But the lizard was having none of it.

“The first time I got it into the bucket, it climbed right back out, so I had to find it all over again,” Steve said.

The second time was the charm though. 

“Oh, thank goodness,” the client exclaimed. “I would have never been able to sit down in that room again if you hadn’t found it.”

“All in a day’s work,” Steve said. And they both shared a laugh as they released the creature outside to disappear into underbrush.

That was one “wild” Good Deed For Free, Steve – you really saved the day!