Why is Air Dry in the Winter?

Of the few colder months of California, most of it is spent indoors protected by the convenience of fireplaces and heating. Even though the home is kept warm, the air is also noticeably dry. If you want to know why air is dry during the winter, read on.

Why is Air Dry in the Winter?

Because colder air contains less moisture than warmer air, the air provided outdoors will already be low on humidity levels. Bring that air indoors for heating and though warm air is conditioned and distributed, it will be strikingly dry.

Dry air affects your home.

  • Wood furnishing lose moisture, cracking and splintering
  • Indoor plants wither
  • Wallpapers peel away
  • Musical instruments lose tune
  • Susceptibility to static shocks which can also affect electronic pieces

Dry air lowers personal comfort.

  • Dry hands, lips and skin
  • Irritated nasal passages, throat and eyes
  • Difficulty breathing, inducing coughing
  • The goal would be to restore humidity back into the air supply without compromising the desired temperature.

Perfecting Winter Air

In the wintertime, the thermostat may continually be turned up in hopes of warmer air when it actually may be a matter of low humidity. Restoring comfortable humidity levels during wintertime heating is a smart choice for energy-efficiency and home comfort.

Humidifiers are an easy and practical solution to restoring home comfort. On a broad spectrum in regards to size, there are two types of humidifiers.

Portable Humidifier

A portable humidifier is one large enough to serve one room or a single area. It consists of a water tank that needs to be refilled manually over a period of time, usually after several hours or even overnight.  The average portable humidifier comes with a few different settings indicating humidifying power. There are several types of portable humidifiers when it comes to the technology. All humidifiers work to restore humidity into the air by water in the form of a light mist. Among these humidifiers, some use a heating system and others do not.

Central Air Humidifier

If a portable humidifier does not meet the needs of your home, a second option is a centralized humidifier which attaches to the central air system itself and humidifies air after it is conditioned and before it is distributed throughout the home. The centralized humidifier requires a protected evaporator pad which is filled with water and placed in the ductwork. As air passes over the evaporator pad, it absorbs moisture before entering the home. Installing a centralized humidifier requires the attention and care of a HVAC technician.

Heating with Service Champions

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