How My Furnace Works

Keeping the home warm when the weather grows cold and windy is essential to protecting your health and comfort. The furnace of your central air system works to provide ample heating and deserves proper care and attention in order to continue to deliver high quality. If you’re wondering “how does my furnace work,” read on to learn more.

Getting to know the equipment pieces that compose your home central air system and how the heating process takes place can take the mystery out one of the largest and most necessary home appliances you will ever need.

What is a Furnace?


How my Furnace Works: Parts of Your Central Air System

The two most crucial parts to your heating system is the furnace and the air duct system. The nucleus of any home central air system is the furnace, which is kept in a furnace closet inside of the house or in a fitted alcove in the garage. Inside of the furnace are heat exchangers, a blower wheel and a motor to direct air back into the home.

Within the furnace is a firebox, or heat exchanger. The firebox is designed as a metal chamber that houses a burner fueled by natural gas. When you turn on the thermostat to call for warmed air, a fire inside the heat exchanger is lit.

The air ducts are the system of ducts used to transport conditioned air back into the home. A majority of the duct system is kept inside of attics and out of sight.

How my Furnace Works: The Heating Process

Once the thermostat is set to a desired heating temperature, indoor air is pulled in through the return grill and into the furnace. First, the air passes through the filter where airborne particles are captured and separated from the air supply.

It is worth mentioning that we have different grades of air filters available to best suit your needs. If you or those around you have respiratory sensitivities such as allergies, your preferred Service Champions technician can help you find the appropriate filter to properly elevate your indoor air quality.

Once a fire is lit within the heat exchanger, the entire box grows immensely hot, radiating heat. As the air supply passing over the heat exchanger absorbs this heat, the blower motor underneath the firebox directs the air into the duct system and back into your home.

This process continues until the overall indoor temperature reflects the number set on the thermostat.

Exceptional Heating by Service Champions

There are several aspects of heating and air conditioning that can be altered or upgraded to benefit your home and lifestyle. Elevating indoor air quality is as simple as changing the filter on your furnace or using low maintenance performance air cleaners.

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