When Should You Replace Your Garbage Disposal?

For many homeowners, a garbage disposal is no longer a “want,” it’s a “need.” After you’ve meal prepped with a garbage disposal, there’s no going back. It’s one of those appliances that makes everyday work so much easier. Unfortunately, like everything else in the home, after time you will need to replace your garbage disposal. While we can’t tell you exactly when that time will come, we’re offering some advice, so you know how to best maintain your garbage disposal and signs its time to replace your garbage disposal.

How Long is a Garbage Disposal’s Lifespan?

With proper care and maintenance, a garbage disposal can last between 8 and 15 years before it’s time for a replacement. Older disposals are a bit flimsier and have a lifespan of 8 years. Once they hit old age, the disposal’s blades can dull so much it becomes useless, or the whole thing will fail entirely. Modern disposals are made to be longer lasting. They can live up to 15 years before needing a replacement.

Signs it’s Time to Replace Your Garbage Disposal

Unfortunately, when your garbage disposal starts to fail, it can be in a variety of ways. Below are the most common signs your garbage disposal is ready to be replaced:

  • Frequent Clogs – If you’re experiencing frequent clogging, it’s time for a replacement. There are a few reasons this could be happening. You may not be chopping food small enough or your disposal isn’t equipped to handle the amount of food you’re feeding it. Or it could be that you’re the blades are old and can’t handle the work anymore. Either way, it’s best to call a plumber and see what’s up.
  • Dull Blades – As mentioned above, if your disposal’s blades are dull, they will not chop food the way you expect. This could easily lead to clogging and sluggish drain time. If you suspect your blades are dull, it’s time to replace the garbage disposal.
  • Complicated Leaks – Some disposal leaks can be easily fixed, and others can’t. The easy fixes are disconnected lines. Anything else may require a replacement.
  • Strange Noises – Like other appliances, a garbage disposal has moving parts that can be damaged or come loose. If you turn on the disposal and hear a rattling or banging noise, turn off the disposal, make sure it’s all the way off, and use a flashlight to check for any debris. If there is no debris and the sounds persist, it may be time for a replacement.
  • Bad Odors – Is there a strange smell coming from your sink? Is it specifically coming from your disposal? This could be an indicator of a larger problem. If you’ve tried to eliminate the smell and it’s still there, bacteria could be stuck in the drain lines or the disposal itself.

How to Maintain Your Garbage Disposal

Just like all your other appliances, your garbage disposal requires some maintenance and care if you want it to last a full 15 years. Here are some of the best ways to maintain your garbage disposal:

  • Watch What You Dump – Just because it’s called a garbage disposal doesn’t mean you should try to dump all your garbage down the sink. Hard seeds (like a peach pit), and bones will not grind well and can clog your system. The same goes for fibrous foods like onion skins, eggshells, celery, and corn stalks.
  • Run the Disposal Every Few Days – Even if you’re not using the disposal, run the cold water and turn on the blades so nothing rusts. This also helps flush anything out that might be lingering.
  • Deodorize with Water and Lemon – Smell something funky coming from the drain? Don’t pour any bleach or chemicals down there. Instead, try grinding up lemon or orange peels for a natural solution.
  • Use Cold Water – When running anything though your garbage disposal, use cold water. Warm water won’t necessarily hurt the disposal, but it can make cooking oils and greases stick to the blades.

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