Technician Pulls Some Weeds To Stop Dogs From Getting Sick

Service Champions technician Cameron was outside doing an AC tune-up when he noticed a few places in the yard where dogs had gotten sick.

The homeowner had 3 dogs, so Cameron figured it must be them. Then he saw some chewed-up weeds next to the AC condenser and realized that they must have become sick eating the weeds.

“I mentioned it to the homeowner and found out her gardener hadn’t visited in a while because of COVID,” Cameron said.

Cameron said he already had gloves on and told her he could pull the weeds for her. “I wanted to make sure those dogs didn’t get sick again.”

The homeowner was extremely appreciative that Cameron removed the weeds.

“She was very, very, very thankful – she loved it!” Cameron said.

Thanks Cameron for taking action to keep the dogs healthy and helping out the homeowner at the same time – that’s another Good Deed For Free!