What’s the Best Air Filter For Home?

Today’s HVAC technology has created some of the most efficient, smart and technically advanced air filters ever. With all the choices available, it makes it tougher for homeowners to decide, what’s the best air filter for home? While some homeowners are ahead of the curve, there are many more who do not care about air filters for heating and cooling in the first place.

Why use an air filter at all? Air filters do a lot of good for homeowners.

The best air filter for home:

  • Protects the central air system
  • Keeps indoor air healthy
  • Improves energy efficiency

What does that all mean for homeowners?

It means that with the best air filter for home, families experience fewer issues with heating and air conditioning, feel more comfortable at home and save money all year long.

The Best Air Filter for Home Protects the Central Air System

When homeowners think of the best air filter for home, they may not necessarily think about how it protects the central air system. However, the air filter is the first line of defense homeowners have against expensive repairs and permanent damages.

All indoor air must pass through the air filter before being heated or cooled to the desired temperature. The best air filter for home captures all sorts of materials like hair, dander, insects, dust, pollen and bacteria.

The average air filter captures about 50 percent of all airborne particles. It is inevitable that some particles and pathogens pass to the other side. In addition, when the air filter becomes full, it can no longer capture those particles. As a result, these particles also pass over the air filter and into the central air system.

Meanwhile, the internal components of the central air system constantly expand and constrict with heating and cooling. Parts become gummy, wet or hot, making it easy for particles and germs to stick. Over time, particles clump in layers, dry and interrupt the heating and cooling processes. Some of these clumps might even make it back into the home.

What results?

  • Decreased energy efficiency
  • Longer heating and cooling cycles
  • Damages
  • Repairs
  • Other technical difficulties

Some homeowners may express disbelief over just how much air filters contribute to energy efficiency. HVAC experts have discovered that with proper changes, homeowners routinely save 15 percent off their energy bill. This is in addition to all the repairs and damages they avoid.

The Best Air Filter for Home Secures Indoor Air Quality

The best air filter for home also secures and protects indoor air quality. With the right air filter, homeowners should always have clean and healthy indoor air.

Homeowners do need to keep in mind that while they may have the best air filter for home air, there are several other factors that determine indoor air quality.

These factors include:

  • Proper ventilation
  • Home cleanliness
  • Lifestyle habits
  • Number of people and/or pets in the home
  • How often the air filter is changed
  • Home location
  • Condition of the central air system

The best air filter for home removes up to 50 percent of airborne particles when the heating and air conditioning cycles. Remember, in order for homeowners to benefit from the air cleaning function of the best air filter for home, the air filter must be changed regularly and the heating and cooling must cycle.

The Best Air Filter for Home Saves Money

There are so many different kinds of air filters. There are many different strengths, features, designs and materials homeowners can select. It makes it difficult to choose the best air filter for home.

When choosing your best air filter for home, keep these rules in mind:

  • Air filters come in different sizes and materials. Consult your furnace manual before purchasing the best air filter for home
  • For most, the best air filter for home has a MERV rating between 7 and 13
  • HVAC experts recommend changing the standard air filter every three to four months
  • The addition of pets or other indoor animals affects the frequency of necessary air filter changes

The best air filter for home reduces energy costs related to heating and air conditioning, but it could also be the culprit. Homeowners who opt a high MERV-rated air filter may experience higher energy costs. Why?

A higher MERV rating indicates finer pores on the air filter. This means that less airborne material passes through the air filter. Even the smallest particles are captured. While it sounds beneficial, high MERV-rated air filters fill quickly and need to be changed often. In addition, they restrict airflow, causing longer cooling cycles and additional energy spending.

As a result, it is important that homeowners weigh the pros and cons of using a higher MERV-rated air filter. It may not always be the best air filter for home.

Always remember you can consult your technician. From start to finish, your expert teaches the what and how of air filter care.

Some homeowners may think that even the best air filter for home excuses the need of HVAC maintenance. While air filter accomplishes a great deal, it does not take the place of HVAC maintenance. Heating experts recommend homeowners couple proper air filter care with regular HVAC maintenance in order to maximize home comfort, money savings and system longevity.

Get The Best Air Filter for Home with Service Champions Experts

The best air filter for home depends on your lifestyle goals and wants. Working with a technician simplifies that process. In addition to expert advice and professional care, you have the peace of mind of getting the best service available.

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