What is a heat pump system? Does it need repairs or maintenance

Heat Pump System

What People Misunderstand About The Heat Pump System

The heat pump system is an excellent method to heating and air conditioning. It offers several benefits that the traditional gas furnace cannot.

Unfortunately, there is a cloud of misunderstanding that keeps homeowners always from this alternative choice. Truthfully, much of what homeowners hear is simply untrue.

#1 The Heat Pump System Doesn’t Really Work

The heat pump system works to heat homes via electricity. It requires no gas. In almost every other way, the system is identical to the gas furnace central air system.

With the gas furnace, air passes over heat generated from a live flame. With the heat pump system, heat is pumped from the outdoor air and transported inside. Most homeowners believe that outdoor temperature must be at a fixed number in order for heat pumps to work. This is only partly true. Even in very cold weather, heat pumps are still able to pull heat from the air. It is only when outdoor temperature dips below freezing that the heat pump system is unable to heat the home. For this reason, not every home or family is suited for the heat pump system. However, those that do fit the bill are able to enjoy the same heating and air conditioning available from gas furnaces.

Homeowners are led to believe that the heat pump system does not work because it does not heat as intensely as gas furnaces. While the gas furnace blasts hot air over a short period of time, heat pumps gradually heat the home. This pattern of heating does take time to get used to. However, once homeowners are acclimated, they have no issue with the heat pump system.

#2 The Heat Pump System Costs Too Much Money

Every central air system costs money to install. The heat pump system is no different. Although, homeowners should know that the heat pump system is incredibly energy efficient.

Most gas furnaces have an energy efficiency rating between 70 to 90 percent. This means that for every unit of energy used to heat the home, 10 to 30 percent of it is lost. Most heat pump systems rate well over 90 percent. They are able to yield more heating per unit of energy used.

Heat pump systems are the green option to heating and air conditioning. Homeowners who struggle to obtain home comfort because of rising energy costs should consider switching to the heat pump system. This is a particularly strong move if the existing central air system is beyond repair and in need to be replaced altogether soon.

Heat Pump Services

Heat Pump Services You Can’t Afford to Skip

Heat pump services are available for a variety of reasons. Some homeowners want to maximize home energy efficiency. Others simply want to stick to the basics. No matter what, high quality heat pump services count and make a difference in the home.

Consider these heat pump services to make your home a better and more comfortable place.

Heat Pump Service

Heat Pump Services for Clean Indoor Air

Homeowners choose to clean indoor air through several different heat pump services. Fortifying the air filter is the most practical method to achieve high indoor air quality.

Air filters should be changed regularly. While this means different things for each home, most homeowners can gauge for themselves when it is time to replace the filter. Homeowners who have large families, pets or live in dusty areas are likely to replace filters more often.

For the homes who have a particularly difficult time achieving high indoor air quality, there are heat pump services that deliver additional help. Cleaning systems and super filters assist with tough to treat homes.

To see if your home is a good match for these heat pump services, contact your HVAC contractor.

Heat Pump Services for Better Air Conditioning

Of all the heat pump services available, the best for better air conditioning is heat pump maintenance. Maintenance heat pump services prevent expensive repairs and permanent damages. For homeowners, this saves time and money while keeping HVAC and home comfort in tact.

During maintenance heat pump services, your contractors:

  • Clean inside and outside the system, removing any pesky buildup around sensitive parts
  • Run tests for proper and safe operation
  • Make adjustments such as tightening wires, resetting pressure settings and replacing minor parts
  • Treat problems early to prevent damages and further costs

Homeowners who choose heat pump services for better air conditioning reap the benefits. They have better indoor air quality, more reliable air conditioning and peace of mind.

Heat Pump Services to Keep the System Going

At some point in time, all heat pumps need repairs. These heat pump services are invaluable. Repairs help the heat pump system last beyond its years so that homeowners receive more service.

To minimize costs, homeowners have these repairs done as soon as possible. Leaving repairs untouched burdens the entire system, hurting the air conditioning process.

Instead, have maintenance heat pump services twice a year. Then, repairs are minimal. With the heat pump system clean and cared for, homeowners experience high quality air conditioning for a very long time.

Heat Pump Maintenance

The Benefits of Heat Pump Maintenance

While heat pumps may not be as popular in California, it still is the economical choice. Homeowners who want to reduce their carbon footprint without sacrificing quality heating opt for heat pump systems.

Though these alternative systems are highly dependable, they still need heat pump maintenance to be their best. Just like for any gas furnace central air system, maintenance always has its benefits.

Energy Efficiency

Heat pump maintenance preserves the energy efficiency of the system. With time and use, the parts of the heat pump system degrade. In addition, debris and dust buildup slow down the air conditioning process. Heat pump maintenance fixes these issues with specialized attention.

Service Champions heat pump technicians come prepared with a set of tools specific to the heat pump system. They change the air filter and deep clean the entire system, removing any type of grime or growth. Doing so helps air move smoothly in and out of the heat pump system.

Heat pump maintenance also:

  • Cleans drip pans and removes microbiological growth
  • Resets gauges and wirework to ensure proper connection
  • Tests blower motors and switches for safe and efficient operation

These small changes help the system adjust as it ages. Once your contractor is complete with the heat pump maintenance, the system will be as efficient as possible so no bit of energy goes to waste.


Regular heat pump maintenance also increases system reliability. By having an expert monitor the system, all accidents and damages are prevented. Also, heat pump maintenance helps avoid repair costs. Since heat pump contractors care for the system themselves, they also treat problems before damages occur.

With heat pump maintenance, heating and air conditioning becomes reliable. Homeowners can know that:

  • Their heating and air conditioning will work all year long
  • Energy is as efficient as possible
  • The system is safe to use
  • The system works correctly
  • There are no weaknesses that might turn into permanent damages

Homeowners can enjoy their heating and air conditioning with confidence.

Long Term Savings

Heat pump maintenance saves time and money. For busy homeowners, heat pump maintenance is the perfect method to help home comfort.

Heat pump maintenance saves:

  • Time from scheduling heat pump repairs and replacements
  • Costs of repairs from damages
  • Energy costs from lack of maintenance
  • Indoor air quality
  • Home comfort
  • Peace of mind

Contractors recommend heat pump maintenance for homeowners serious about total savings.

Heat Pump Repair

The Three Most Common Heat Pump Repairs

The heat pump system is the most energy efficient method to heating and air conditioning. Everyday, more homeowners discover the major benefits it delivers, including huge energy savings. However, just like any other system, it requires repairs once in a while.

Here are three types of heat pump repairs homeowners can anticipate.

Heat Pump Repairs for the Condenser Unit

In order to heat the home, the heat pumps system pulls heat from the outdoors and “pumps” it into the house. Because it is constantly connected to the outdoors, the condenser unit can take quite a beating.

The condenser unit contains several parts crucial to the heating process. Parts like timer motors and controls go bad with time, weather and general use. As a result, heat pump repairs are required.
To help protect the condenser unit from heat pump repairs, keep it clean. Remove all debris or yard waste that might collect around it. This also helps your indoor air quality. In addition, opt for maintenance to avoid heat pump repairs for inside parts.

Heat Pump Repairs for the Thermostat

Oddly, the thermostat causes lots of problems for both electric and gas heating systems. It may be because it gets so little credit for the heating and air conditioning process. However, just like the heat pumps, it collects dust, wears down and requires repairs.

Heat pump repairs for the thermostat include:

  • Bad wirework or connections
  • Faulty thermostat or burnt control board

Other defects are possible. If the heat pump system fails to deliver the type of air conditioning and heating set on the thermostat, the are many possible answers. It will take a contractor to figure out what heat pump repairs are needed.

Heat Pump Repairs for the Air Ducts

Air ducts transport conditioned air to the rooms of the house. It is also what protects cleaned air from dirty air. When the air ducts are punctured with holes or have tears, dirty attic air mixes with the conditioned air. As a result, indoor air quality falls as it fills with particles and germs.

When air ducts have tears, it also results in poor efficiency. Essentially, air conditioning is undone. The house never feels any closer to the desired temperature. This makes heat pump repairs for air ducts urgent.

Homeowners who suspect problems with their air ducts should immediately seek the help of HVAC technicians.

Heat Pump Sales

Heat Pump Sales That Make Your Home The Best

A few heat pumps sales stand apart from the rest. These are the tried and true services the benefit the majority of homeowners. They also come highly recommended by HVAC contractors of all kinds.

These heat pump sales are popular, and for good reason. They deliver exactly what homeowners want to make their homes the best.

Maintenance is the Smartest Choice for All Homes

Maintenance heat pump sales prevent expensive repairs and permanent damages. Homeowners who have maintenance heat pumps sales potentially save hundreds to thousands of dollars in repairs, replacements and service costs. This is all because your HVAC contractors have the chance to deliver preventative care. As a result, problems are cared for before they happen.

When homeowners choose maintenance heat pump sales, they choose to eliminate issues such as:

  • High energy spending
  • Low system efficiency
  • Poor air conditioning service
  • Low indoor air quality
  • Early damages and decline

Schedule maintenance heat pumps sales twice a year in between major seasons. Your contractor does the rest to make your home the best.

Repairs Keep Your Heat Pumps Lasting

To keep the system lasting for as long as you need it, professional care becomes necessary at some point in time. Repair heat pumps sales are inevitable. The key to reducing costs is to have them done early.

Repairs are still the more affordable option compared to replacing the system all together. Couple that with regular maintenance and the system will be good beyond its years.

Unfortunately, most homeowners simply run their heat pumps systems until they die out, without maintenance or repairs. As a result, they never get to experience the savings, comfort and efficiency one system can offer. That is why heat pump sales make all the difference.

A Back Up Furnace Works for Optimal Home Comfort

While many homeowners want the benefits of a heat pumps system, sometimes it simply is not enough for the home. This can be for various reasons specific to the homeowner and home. For these situations, heating technicians often recommend a backup gas furnace.

Furnace heat pump sales do not affect the heat pump system itself. It doesn’t need to be working all the time, and it can still be an energy efficient option. The back up furnace works only when the heat pump system is insufficient, usually in extreme cold temperatures or lack of primary resource.

If you think that your home might benefit from furnace heat pump sales, speak with your technician for more input.

Heat Pump Contractor

Expert Tips from Heat Pump Contractors

Heat pump contractors service thousands of homes each year. They see what homeowners do to take care of their heating and air conditioning. They also see areas for improvement.

With all their time restoring home comfort, heat pump contractors want to share some inside information. To make the most of their experience, implement these expert tips to make your home the best.

Insulate the Home to Maximize Energy Efficiency

Heat pumps are exceptionally energy efficient. They do a great deal of work with very little energy. However, to save even more costs heat pump contractors encourage homeowners to take the time to fully insulate their homes.

This includes insulating the attic. Most homes are already insulated in the attic space, so be sure to double check whether or not your home is one of them. If not, opting for attic insulation is an excellent move.

The attic is the area with the greatest heat loss. Insulation helps keep heated air within the home, creating less work for the heat pump system.

To fine-tune your home, also think about insulating:

  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Garage space
  • Dens
  • Ceiling
  • Floors (carpet)

Simply weather-stripping these areas helps retain heat for maximum energy efficiency.

Help Protect Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality is important to home comfort. Many people are surprised to learn that outdoor air is often cleaner than indoor air. This is due to filtration and ventilation.

In order to protect your indoor air quality, heat pump contractors recommend changing the air filter regularly. At the very least clean the air filter whenever possible. This is doubly important for homes with pets.

The air filter in the heat pump system is what keeps your air clean. However, the air can only be clean as the air filter. Air filters are inexpensive and simple to change. In turn, your home air and heat pump system are kept free of germs and buildup.

Choose Heat Pump Maintenance

Heat pump contractors widely recommend heat pump maintenance. Just a couple times a year, maintenance saves homeowners significant costs in time and money.

When homeowners choose maintenance, heat pump contractors have the chance to:

  • Restore the health of the heat pump system
  • Test for proper operation
  • Reset safety switches
  • Clean out buildup and debris
  • Make necessary repairs
  • Deliver treatment for trouble zones

With maintenance, heat pump contractors are able to deliver personalized care for your specific heat pump system.

Total Heat Pump Care from Service Champions

Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning is the only Diamond Certified HVAC provider for Orange and Los Angeles Counties. We excel in heat pump sales, maintenance and repairs.

Our heat pump contractors lead the HVAC industry by example. We achieve your total satisfaction with superior technical service and genuine customer care. This makes us the first choice for homeowners in Southern California.

Help your home with heat pump maintenance. To meet your heat pump contractor, contact one of our friendly representatives in our call center at your convenience.

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