Which heating service do I need? Repairs or Maintenance

More and more homeowners today have concerns over their indoor air quality. Many wonder what they can do to protect their home air and improve it. Fortunately, HVAC technology allows several ways to maximize home comfort.

The heating system has the unique advantage of reaching all areas of the home. As a result, it is the single best tool to use to treat and protect the air in your home.

Change the Air Filter in the Heating System

The air filter in the heating system is responsible for catching airborne particles and germs. With time, filters grow full and do not work as well. Homeowners should change the filter as they see fit. Usually, twice a year is sufficient. However, it does depend on the size of your home and lifestyle.

Homeowners who should replace air filters ore frequently include:

  • Those with pets
  • Those who keep windows and doors open
  • Those who have experienced recent or regular construction

A clean and proper air filter for the heating system is the first step to clean air.

Schedule Maintenance for the Heating System

Maintenance is an intelligent method to keeping indoor air quality high. While homeowners can be diligent with keeping their heating systems neat, they cannot provide the type of care technicians can.

With time and use, the heating system collects all sorts of material. Dust and water can mix. Organic material can enter from the outside. Pet dander and other pollutants can build up over motors, fins and blades. Every time the heating system is on, the indoor air passes over all this waste.

With maintenance, HVAC contractors deliver a deep clean. They scrub both the interior and exterior of the heating system. Every part of the heating system is wiped down. Technicians remove dust, buildup, microbiological growth and other waste. Once complete, nothing inside the heating system will contaminate the air supply.

Use Super Cleaners with the Heating System

For homes needing additional protection and filtration, there are a number of cleaning systems available. These cleaning systems attach to the heating system and work at the same exact time. Homeowners receive cleaner air, free of germs and particles, without any extra work.

Popular air cleaning systems include the Air Scrubber and BioGuard Powered Filter. Both options provide additional filtration defenses, removing up to 99.9 percent of airborne irritants.

Heating Maintenance Helps Your Home Comfort

Heating maintenance is not a mandatory HVAC service. Unlike a furnace repair or installation, no home absolutely needs it. However, all furnace contractors encourage heating maintenance because of its many benefits.

Just twice a year, heating maintenance prevents expensive repairs and permanent damages. In turn, it saves enormous costs. The heating system also lasts longer with fewer problems that come with aging.

In addition, heating maintenance helps your home in several ways.

Heating Maintenance Keeps Your Central Air Clean

The most obvious benefit of heating maintenance is the cleaning provided. Furnace contractors use a special set of precision tools to clean the delicate and hard-to-reach parts of the furnace. This helps the heating system work more efficiently by removing buildup that would otherwise slow it down. The heating system also uses less energy to heat and cool the home. By removing extra stress, the central air system is easy to use and problem-free.

Heating Maintenance Keeps Indoor Air Quality High

The air in your home is the air you breathe every day. It is the same air that goes through the heating system every time the thermostat is on. All the particles in the home air stick to the central. All the particles in the central air enter the home. As a result, the air quality of your home can change accordingly.

Heating maintenance helps with indoor air quality. This particular benefit is advantageous for homes with:

  • Several people, especially young children or elders
  • Pets
  • Particular respiratory sensitivities such as allergies and asthma

Your HVAC contractor cleans the central air of:

  • Microbiological growth
  • Old water
  • Internal buildup
  • Organic obstruction

Even a simple move like replacing the air filter helps tremendously with air quality.

Heating Maintenance Provides Peace of Mind

With so many other worries that take your time, heating and air conditioning just does not seem important. Unfortunately, it becomes a serious concern when the furnace stops working right when it’s needed. Heating maintenance solves that problem.

Homeowners have the simple task of scheduling the appointment. Furnace technicians take care of the rest. With every visit, your HVAC contractor restores the health, safety and efficiency of the central air system.  He or she runs several tests so that you can rely on your central air for stable operation.

With heating maintenance, you never have to worry about heating and air conditioning again.

DIY Heating Repair: Air Filters

Most heating repairs should be transferred to your trusty HVAC technician. However, small maintenance tasks can be done without supervision. This includes the simple air filter change.

To successfully change the air filter of your furnace, acquaint yourself with the central air system. As always, be sure to practice general safety rules for protection.

Finding the Right Fit for Air Filter Heating Repairs

First determine the size of air filter you need for your central air system. This information is available on the furnace manual or online if you know the furnace model. Note that air filters are sizes are in inches. For example, one may read 16” x 20” x 1”.

Also determine the pore size of the filter. The MERV measures the air filter pores. The higher the MERV, the smaller the pores, which mean fewer particles can pass. Though this increases indoor air quality, it also increases energy expenditure. It also means that the filter needs to be replaced more often as it catches and fills more quickly.

As a guide, MERV 8 is the standard air filter rating, capable of removing household dust and pollen particles.

Locating the Air Filter for Heating Repairs

Air filters are typically kept in the blower motor compartment near the return ducts of the central air system. Think of what type of furnace you have and where indoor air enters the furnace.

Remove the lid of the furnace. Inside, there are wires, boxes and coils. There should also be another lid that protects the blower motor.  Remove this lid. The air filter is located in this general area, pressed against and lying flat against one side or another.

The air filter looks like a square or rectangular windowpane, ribbed with what looks like white felt or cotton on one side. On the other side, it is usually green and with a crisscross print. The air filter is easily removable, and quite flexible on occasion.

Making Air Filter Heating Repairs

When you have located the blower motor compartment, remove the trap or cover. There, you should see the dirty air filter. Once removed, the new air filter should snap right into place.

Also, be sure to properly fit the cover back. It must cover the furnace. Otherwise, the safety switch will trip and the furnace will not start.

While heating repairs for air filters sound complicated, with a little practice, it becomes a part of routine home maintenance. For more serious heating repairs, always rely on your heating contractor for help.

The Heating Service HVAC Contractors Recommend

If you asked an HVAC technician what heating service is most important, he or she would wholeheartedly choose heating maintenance. Unfortunately, most homeowners hate the idea of having unnecessary work done to their central air. They think of the time they have to spend watching over their technicians. They shun the amount of money they need to spend on nothing urgent.

However, this heating service is the single best way to avoid just that. It saves time and money and provides peace of mind.

Homes That Need Maintenance Heating Service

Think, do you want a home that:

  • Cleans itself?
  • Has better indoor air quality?
  • Saves energy?
  • Heats and cools the way you want?
  • Heats and cools without problems?

Maintenance heating service helps with all these issues. With special attention from your HVAC contractor, your furnace receives detailed technical care for optimal home heating and air conditioning.

Maintenance Heating Service Pays for Itself

Heating contractors recommend maintenance twice a year. Most homeowners who choose maintenance schedule it in between major seasons. This helps prepare the furnace for a whole season of reliable and problem-free heating and air conditioning.

During this heating service, your technicians:

  • Run tests to check for safe and proper operation.

These evaluations ensure that your furnace and air conditioner work correctly, so that if anything were to go wrong, it sends the right signals.

  • Remove microbiological growth and organic buildup within the central air system.

This deep cleaning improves overall system efficiency, helps parts last longer and keeps the air clean.

  • Make adjustments to gauges, pressure meters, wirework, pipes and lines.

All these small changes fine-tune the central air system so that energy is used effectively and without waste. It also makes your air conditioning reach the temperature you set on the thermostat.

  • Evaluate the central air system for any other needed heating services such as repairs.

The key to avoiding expensive heating services like repairs is by treating problem areas early. Maintenance allows your contractor to do that.

As a result, when homeowners choose maintenance heating service, they experience better air conditioning, avoid costs and help their central air system last longer.

Heat Pump Maintenance is Well Worth the Cost

Maintenance heating service is also available for the heat pump system. Heat pump contractors have designed a technical care program specifically for the heat pump system. Now, homeowners can enjoy the full benefits of maintenance heating service and maximize energy efficiency even further with their HVAC.

The Heating Sales Homeowners Love

There is heating service that all air conditioner contractors and homeowners love. Technicians recommend and encourage this heating service for homeowners who want healthy air and a healthy home.

Furnace and air conditioner maintenance are among the heating sales homeowners simply cannot do without.

Maintenance Heating Sales for Better Indoor Air Quality

Maintenance heating sales result in better indoor air quality. This is important for most homeowners who do not want to breathe in dust or bacteria.

The air filter in the central air system does its job to remove particles from the air. But what happens to all the dirt already inside the system? Maintenance heating sales takes care of this problem.

During maintenance heating sales, technicians remove every bit of buildup stuck inside the system. This includes wiping down and sanitizing fins, blades, motors, crevices and nooks. They have the tools necessary to clean hard-to-reach places. As a result, air in the home is cleaner and more reliable.

Maintenance Heating Sales for Savings

The central air system works almost every day of the year. Parts wear down naturally. Without the proper care, the heater experiences problems that can add up to enormous costs. This is why heater contractors strongly encourage maintenance.

Homeowners love maintenance heating sales because of the major savings. With maintenance, technicians deliver superior care for the heater and air conditioner. That means your central air system gets preventative care. With maintenance heating sales, homeowners avoid serious repair costs and permanent damages.

Maintenance appointments allow technicians the chance to evaluate the central air system. They find problems and treat them before damaging effects take place. In addition, technicians prescribe new usage habits to help the system last longer.

Maintenance Heating Sales for Reliable Home Comfort

The central air system is in the home to make it a better place. Professional and regular care is required to help do its job.

During the maintenance appointment, HVAC contractors fine-tune the heater and air conditioner. They make all the adjustments that come undone with time and use. This results in more accurate air conditioning, less energy waste and better home comfort. Air conditioning and heating is where you want it and the home is as comfortable as ever.

Upgrade Your Heating System with Service Champions

The heating system in your home can do so much more than just heat and cool. Homeowners looking for another way to utilize their heating systems need to look no further.

Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning is the leader in HVAC repairs, installations and maintenance. Responsible homeowners depend on our extraordinary customer service and expert technical care. From maintenance to repairs, your heating system is in the best hands with our team members.

Have your heating system cared for by a Service Champions expert. Contact one of our friendly representatives in our call center at your convenience.

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