We Got A Call With Someone Reporting What Our Technician Did… And When We Asked Him About It, He Admitted It.

We got a call from a stranger telling us what our technician Octavio did. Since Octavio was in his Service Champions uniform when it happened, the person calling thought we should know.

It turns out Octavio had been spotted in a local Wal-Mart buying a meal for 4 hungry children as a completely random act of kindness.

Octavio hadn’t said anything about it, so we tracked him down and asked him about it.

“Oh, I was in a Wal-Mart buying some razors and then I was cashing a check in the customer service line,” Octavio said. “There was a mom in line with her 4 children – two boys and two girls.”

Octavio said the kids were telling their mom that they were hungry and asking if they could get something to eat at McDonald’s.

The mom told the kids she was sorry, but they simply didn’t have the money for that.

Octavio left the customer service line and went to McDonald’s and bought 4 Happy Meals for the kids. But when he returned the family was gone from the line.

He tracked them down in one of the aisles.

“Excuse me, this is for your kids,” Octavio told the mom.

“Oh man, it was just priceless to see their faces and smiles,” Octavio said. “Even the mom got a little teary eyed. They were all so excited. It just seemed like the right thing to do.”

Apparently someone saw what happened and noticed Octavio’s uniform, and thought we should know. Otherwise, we never would have known about this ‘Good Deed For Free,’ because Octavio isn’t one to toot his own horn.

“Yes, I wasn’t really thinking of a Good Deed,” Octavio told us. “It’s like just a good intuition or instinct you get and you know it’s what you should do. I didn’t know someone would call it in.”

Octavio said he learned the value of lending a helping hand from his own mom, who he lost at age 10.

“One thing I remember about her is that she would help people. A blanket, some food, water – my mom would give people what they need. So I see somebody in need, I try to do the same thing.”

Octavio, that’s fantastic! Thank you for your acts of kindness and ‘Good Deeds For Free’ – we’re proud to have you on the Service Champions team!

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